Siloso Beach Resort Villa Bedroom
Siloso Beach Resort Villa Bedroom

This is something that I’ve been wanting to blog about for a really long time. Usually, I would prefer Football a vacation rather than a staycation, but I had the opportunity-of-a-lifetime to spend 3 days and 2 nights in a luxurious Villa at Sentosa surrounded by nature.

The hotel I speaketh of is none other than Siloso Beach Resort, Sentosa. This eco-themed hotel in Singapore is really leading the way in sustainability and nature friendliness in a very metropolitan Singapore.


Let’s start the tour shall we?

Biodiversity Portal of Singapore
Our tour was a young man from the Biodiversity Portal of Singapore.
Biodiversity Portal of Singapore
The she resort is decorated with photos from the Biodiversity Portal of Singapore

“The Biodiversity Portal of Singapore is a unique platform to learn, discover and act on biodiversity and conservation both in wholesale jerseys China Singapore and internationally.”

They are really doing wonderful things in terms of conservation and eco-sensitive research in Singapore and most of the work that they do cheap jerseys China is sponsored by Siloso Beach Resort.

The first thing they wanted to show off when you sign up for their free eco-tours is their villa. They have 16 of them in total and all of them are different. Here’s a first look:
Tree in Villa




All the villas are built around, instead of clearing, existing trees and other natural features of the landscape. Because trees have a very complex root structure and supports a huge variety and quantity of life, damaging one equates to damaging many species of other precious flora and fauna. Therefore, every single villa is unique, custom-designed and carefully built so that the large trees are still growing, albeit, in their natural environment.

Because the place is deliberately meant to bring the guests closer to nature with the luxury of a resort setting, everything is kept as natural as possible, maintenance works are carried out only as necessary and with few harmful chemicals such as paints with high COVs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and therefore, the wood seems rotting away on the exterior and you also do get the occasional insect in your bathroom.


Rustic au naturel exterior - Siloso Beach Resort
Rustic au naturel exterior – Siloso Beach Resort

However, the rooms are extremely comfortable and well designed so, don’t worry, you’ll sleep like a baby. In fact, it is such a wonderful experience to sleep in one of these purpose-built villas for two nights!

The next stop is the amazing rooftop garden and nursery that everyone should own. I’m uber-jealous as it is a dream garden… sea-views, a steady breeze, lots of sunshine and an amazing view!


Eco-Garden - Siloso Beach Resort
View on their rooftop garden
Eco-Garden - Siloso Beach Resort
Various vegetables and herbs are being grown
Eco-Garden - Siloso Beach Resort
My favourite herb – the Coriander! Grown nice and fresh with their own homemade worm compost.


Besides the traditional gardening, they have a very high tech rooftop garden that is self-sustainable in a brillant way.

Rooftop Garden Concept - Siloso Beach Resort
Details on how the Roof Top Garden is a self-sustainable system

We moved on to visiting the pool area where they go through a detailed explanation of how they use and maintain water resources. We had to walk through this gigantic and awe-inspiring water feature: The Waterfall!

The Waterfall - Siloso Beach Resort
The grand waterfall

What’s so cool about this waterfall? It feeds the swimming pool with clear underground spring water that comes from the resort’s compounds itself! Because the water is pure and chlorine-free, it is a MUST to bring you and your children there for a dip. They purify it by a natural filtration process without using other chemicals, and therefore they can build a huge waterfall ?????? that churns out not only toxic-free cheap jerseys but also healthful negative ions that boosts your mind and body.

When you are not at the pool, you can also enjoy the spring water from your hotel suites’ shower or jacuzzi. Nature is naturally good for you!

Hotel Suites - Siloso Beach Resort
Hotel suites have a wonderful view of the pool and waterfall
Recycled Wood Furniture - Siloso Beach Resort
Besides saving water, they also make In poolside furniture from by recycling felled trees in the area!

A short walk away, we are introduced to their not-so-pretty but highly functional energy saving equipment. This helps cuts down the energy costs of the resort by about 40%.

My whole tour with Siloso Beah Resort lasted for slightly more than an hour. It was certainly very enjoyable and eye-opening. It makes my hotel stay all the more special to see a resort that cares so much about the enviroment and its people on a large scale. When you do get a chance to stay there, please DO enquire and join their free educational eco-tours!

And so, we finish this ultra-long and first blog post! #achievementunlocked #levelup #hiphiphooray!