I know, social media is treated like the holy grail of marketing nowadays. I don’t have to expound on the benefits but this article is written to expose the dark side of Facebook contests.

I get it, it is a tough job being a social media manager whether you are hired or managing cheap jerseys the page yourself. You want to get more fans and they also need to translate into good ROI for the company that hired you. You decide to plan a Facebook contest and that’s wholesale NFL jerseys when it goes horribly wrong… accusations, cheating and the lot on your wall! A PR nightmare!

So, in order to become the best social media and brand manager ever, I decided to do something drastic; go undercover. And this is the story of how I spent nearly 8 months immersing myself in the experience of joining contests instead of just planning them.

What I Did – The Easy Part
Create a new specialized facebook account for this purpose and start joining contests immediately! Make your profile public and also be a real person. Make ?? friends and add friends by adding the people you see who are joining the same contests.

Real Likes or Fake? Who's Who?
Real Likes or Fake? Who’s Who?

What I Learnt
There are many kinds of people you’ll eventually “befriend” and meet, loosely grouped into these groups:

A. Real fans – People who are real fans of the brand. Half of them don’t really care about contests but they are attracted to special promotions and discounts. However, some others might recommend friends when you host contests.

B. Contest junkies – They are mostly in it for the prizes. They have a huge network of friends but they are all going to be contest junkies as well. From a marketing point of view, a huge majority of these people are not Unlike going to be loyal fans to your brand as they will simply move from one contest to another. However, because they have a huge network, they are a perfect starting wholesale mlb jerseys point to boost fan numbers and make your posts viral.

C. Contest junkies (Cheaters) – Many contest junkies will eventually wholesale NFL jerseys try cheating in order to win more prizes. Needless to say, this is the worst in kind of fan you can attract with your contests. Know that no matter what kind of contest you plan, there is a way to cheat. Some methods include creating or buying multiple fake accounts, ip masking, vote exchange, buying votes or even using software that slows down or make tweaks your flash app. (Here’s a comprehensive link:

If your purpose of having a facebook page is actual fans and ROI, rather than just numbers, then you MUST be aware of people from groups B and C and take care that these people do not deter your real fans as Kolayca they can be overly aggressive. (And if your purpose is just to prove fan numbers (because you are a lazy SM manager), how about just cheat and buy some fake likes instead? They are cheaper than hosting a more expensive giveaway that will end up landing the prize in unappreciative hands.)

So the million-dollar question is, how can we plan contests that attract the right kind of people?

Actually, there is no definite answer to that question. You should plan contests that, at the minimum, have a set of proper terms and conditions. However, the question you should really be asking is… who’s who?

The perfect solution? Know your fans and spy on them. Do what I did and immerse yourself into the world of social media contests. Before long, you will discover who are the right kind of fans and who are not and form your marketing strategy from there. At the same time, you’ll also discover many ideas from other companies on how they plan fair and practical contests. Plus, you’ll also win a bag of prizes to boot!

Remember, you ARE in go? charge.

More about the author: Rachel is a graphic and web designer with over 12 years of experience and a social media manager for numerous Facebook pages both in Singapore and around the world. She believes in hard work, honesty and not taking short-cuts. Enquire at our Contact page.