What is Design?
Design is everywhere. It is present in our desks, our mobile devices and computer, our home, our food, our offices, on the street and even in nature! It is practically EVERYWHERE. Design is, loosely defined, anything that is made for a purpose. Our cups are designed to hold water, buildings are designed to hold people etc etc etc.

What is Design?

What is Design?

What is Good Design?
This question is actually very abstract. A simple google will bring up a myriad of pages that try to answer this question. Personally, I think there is no point because no amount of words will be sufficient to describe what you think is good design and even so, someone else might just think otherwise. It is like describing to people “What is a Good Color”, “What is a Good Smell” or “What is a Good Taste”. It is exactly like trying to ask if your Red is my Red (which is incidentally, very well answered here: http://myscienceacademy.org/2013/02/18/is-your-red-the-same-as-my-red/).

What Is Good Design

About 1,570,000,000 results. I need a lifetime to go through!

What Makes a Design Good?
THIS is the question that you should be asking yourselves. Appalling as it seems, there are such things as bad design. (OMG! Are you SURE?) Well yes.

Good design that:
– Sells
– Speaks
– Provokes
– Inspires
is usually good design.

Old New Yahoo Logo

Did you notice Yahoo’s new logo? I personally don’t think it is any better than the old one.

If you are reading this, it is probably because you have no idea (or opinion on) what is good design and what makes a design good. My advice is simply to open your eyes and observe the designs around you. There’s no shortcut to having a good design eye, except by observing, experience and through critic. A cook will never learn how to cook well, if not for years of training and experience.

For e.g., Get if you are looking for a great design for your blog, start by looking at PLENTY of other blogs and websites and make a list of what is good to you and what is not. Get people (also PLENTY) to critic about your choices but reserve the ultimate decision for yourself.

So it can be said that Good Design is partially related to your innate instincts, your preferences and your ability to google.

If you found this somewhat helpful, stay tuned as we will talk about design again on future topics! (And if it is all too Best overwhelming, please just get an expert. Sometimes you just have to admit that you need help.)