Eye thought eye had problems with caffeine (or people*) when my eye started twitching months and months ago. It got so irritating that eye was considering acupuncture or Botox. But Jon (my husband who is a pretend-doctor) and Leslie (my brother who is a real doctor) convinced me not to do anything stupid.

Eye tried everything: Soothing eye masks and massages, sleeping more, eating carrots, and abstaining from coffee which, by the way, didn’t help and even increased my frustrations as my husband has to keep pinching me every 30 mins to keep me awake (::it’s an exaggeration::).

However today eye am glad eye didn’t try alternative treatments because it just mysteriously disappeared a few days ago at the start of the March school hols. Turns out eye am more stressed than eye look about (my daughter’s) studies than when eye was an actual student. When eye was studying, eye never had eye twitches or any problems with stress, mainly because eye couldn’t be bothered with it. Now eye am stressed about school and eye have a few days of freedom left and can feel a twitch in my near future. Is there such thing as school phobia? Eye may have to move somewhere without schools. Any suggestions?

*My mom says it is because someone is scolding me behind my back so if it is you, STOP IT! — She is not very scientific but she gave me a laugh.

If you read this and got an eye-twitch, it is just me giving you a taste of how it feels. You’re welcomed.