I have been confounded by the new BTO yard tap. When I bought our new front-load washing machine, the first thing the sales person asked was what kind of tap we have. Well, it looked like this:

So it is a special looking tap which is used in most new flats nowadays. Apparently they tried to charge me $20 for an adapter because it is somehow not compatible. I immediately held off the adapter as 1. I was pretty sure the hardware shop had cheaper adapters, and 2. I wanted to add a dishwasher in the yard as well so the adapter might not work as I need some kind of diverter as well.

So firstly we had the tap issue which doesn’t fit our washing machine’s hose, and we also now have a dishwasher which needs an outlet as well! Logically, we need to split the tap into two. So we found two pieces of hardware that does this. All for under $10.

It took a long time to actually find the right part, and not all the hardware shop people know what we are looking for but we used our brains and came up with this solution: The adapter (it says for HDB WM Tap) and the another thingy is called a 19mm diverter. It made a lot of sense for our hose type but I was wondering how on earth do you get it on the tap???

It turned out we can unscrew the tip of the yard tap, and screw in the adapter and finally screw on the diverter. All the photos are below!

Finally, I have a working washing machine AND a functioning dishwasher! Even if you don’t have a dishwasher, you can also simply add an additional hose for filling up mop pails and washing the yard so I think the diverter was a good investment. Cool!