Off the beaten track…

It started more than a decade ago because of a game we created while we were dating. Filled with the spirit of adventure and a thirst to explore, The “Random Game“, as we called it, allowed us the opportunity to travel all around Singapore and explore the forgotten, hidden and secrets of Singapore. We travelled to more places in Singapore more than the average Singaporean around our age and even those 40-50 years older than us.

At that time, however, there were no blogs and only 1 MP mobile phone cameras. Now, many many years later, with the advancement of technology, we have a way of continuing and sharing our adventures in Singapore and beyond!

Blogging about everything is a mammoth task that we have chosen to undertake. We, as the title suggests, will write about anything under the sun. This is mainly a discussion, ideas-driven blog. We hope to set our readers thinking and moving, to live life with a constant sense of curiosity and awe. Even in a small 710 kmĀ² country such as us, there are still fun and exciting adventures to be had, as long as we keep our eyes and hearts opened. We are passionate about sharing our experiences and ideas, mainly about going through life in Singapore, as a Singaporean, through blogging.

Who We Are
Everything Under The Singapore Sun is a relatively new blog maintained by a husband-and-wife couple: Jonathan and Rachel. We like to explore, discuss and discover new things all the time and we genuinely love sharing this information with everyone.

Jonathan is a businessman with an IT background, a geeky father and an avid photographer.

Rachel is a full-time graphic designer, a mother and was contributing to multiple blogs before deciding to start her own.

Feel free to send us any feedback about our work. This is a 100% hobby-driven blog and we no longer accept sponsorships. Donations or work offers, however, are welcomed.