We have been really busy with our new HDB BTO (Build to order). It is the first time we are getting a HDB from the government and to our shock and surprise, there is so much to be done! Getting a contractor or ID is only 30% of the battle. Next up, we have furniture.

When it comes to furniture, we all think of IKEA. I don’t blame you, IKEA is value for money and the designs are modern and tasteful. And the hotdog buns there are so cheap! You might say you hate IKEA, but I guarantee you will have something from IKEA in your house, even the smallest home accessories. There’s no shame in liking IKEA in my opinion. But this blog post isn’t about IKEA though.

In terms of furniture shopping, to be honest, Singapore’s furniture scene is pretty pathetic. A brief walk around the Furniture Mall or IMM and I find the furniture full and boring. Only a couple of shops got our attention. Mainly, we were looking for furniture with character that are also practical. Sounds like a tall order right?

Imagine our surprise to find that in such a modern day wasteful and spendthrift Millennial and X-Gen and Strawberry generation that I can still find vintage and preloads items. I’m very excited to share some of our finds!

There’s a reason why people always call their second hand goods “pre-loved”. Since our younger days, we have always appreciated used items; from clothing, toys to furniture. As long as they are in good condition, we always find shopping second-hand comes with a great deal of pleasure. From free to “bargain”, second-hand things appeal to our most Singaporean trait: kiasu-ism (which means not losing out).

Lorgan’s Design Source

If you are in-the-know, you would have heard of Lorgan’s. They appear quite a few times in TV on various home improvement shows. Lorgan is different because their focus is on retro items. It is not cheap or discounted because most items are sourced overseas. However if you are going for that retro vibe, there is not better place than Lorgan’s!

Most of the items are secondhand and come with lots of history and character. Buying secondhand also means you are likely to get a very unique piece for your house. If secondhand isn’t your taste, there is also a custom built furniture section for furniture that is very 1960’s.

Although I took down plenty of notes and pictures and saw a lot of items we liked, we didn’t end up getting a piece because the prices were just a little over our budget and the retro look wasn’t exactly what we were going for.

Lorgan’s Design Source Address:

100E Pasir Panjang Road Panjang Road, Singapore 118521

Website | Facebook

Hock Siong Furniture

Hock Siong is also pretty famous. I mean, second hand Furniture is a really niche market in Singapore and if you are in the business for anything over a couple of years, you would be “famous”. For Hock Siong, however, pretty famous is actually an understatement. It is literally the first place people think of when going secondhand because they have been around for so long, probably even older than me.

Why I love Hock Siong is reasonable prices and locally sourced items. Hock Siong cornered the market on old furniture and fittings from hotels and showrooms. Some items are so vintage and classic it reminds you of your rich grandparents’ house. Okay, if they were rich. Most items are in pretty good condition and high quality like solid teak or rubber wood so they do have some value to them.

We left with a couple of really awesome finds and felt really happy. I will reveal what those are once the house is ready!

One thrifty tip: They sell loads of old large paintings and pictures at very low prices. Even if you do not love the pictures itself, it is a bargain for the frames as we all know large picture frames costs a bomb!

Hock Siong & Co. Address:

153 Kampong Ampat Singapore 368326

Website | Facebook


I personally have not bought from Freenovation but heard of it from other BTO neighbours. They have an amazing concept and website to help people give away their old furniture. Just pay a transport fee and get a good piece of furniture to your place! The furniture itself is free. I think this is an amazing concept because it helps reduce bulky waste in Singapore and gives back to society. You can find lots of cheaper furniture like IKEA preloves to hack.

Website | Facebook

Of course these are not all the secondhand furniture shops in Singapore but I will probably have to come up with a part two to this when I find time to visit them. I really want to visit Antique Row at 2 Turf Club Road and also Second Charm (21 Kallang Avenue, #05-165 Mapletree Industrial Building, Singapore 339412) but they will have to wait while I get everything else in order!