All amigurumis, all amigurumis,
All amigurumis, all amigurumis,
All amigurumis, now put yer hands up!

(Try singing in the tune of “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé haha)

For all amigurumi lovers out there, we all know there is a world of amigurumi experts and patterns out there for us to try. This post isn’t about me but rather about the different amigurumis that got me hooked on this hobby.

My first Amigurumi was this rabbit from Daisy that got me hooked, so to speak. I learned how to crochet and all the crochet terms such as single crochet, double crochet decrease crochet, etc. by watching lots of youtube videos.

After that, as the yarn from Daiso wasn’t the softest or cheap, I went out and bought some yarn from a local crafts shop. And made these cats!

I kinda forgot where I got the pattern n from but this looks similar:

After that experience, it was a plethora of amigurumi for me! Here are all the amigurumi which I did following their patterns online. Thanks to all the hardworking “hookers” who provided these free amigurumi patterns.

Disney Characters Amigurumis

For some reason, I’d really wanted a pet chameleon since I was a child. This was a substitute. Pascal the Chameleon Amigurumi Pattern

I have a confession to make, I absolutely love the animated cartoon series Phineas and Ferb. Hey, where’s Perry? Perry the Platypus Amigurumi Tsum Tsum Pattern

Unfortunately Queen Elsa was my first failed attempt at making a pattern. I ended with lots of photos here if you ever want to deconstruct.

Other Cute Animals and Characters Amigurumis

There’s unfortunately no pattern for this Gudetama. It was a made-it-up-as-I-went-along pattern and I didn’t bother to record the pattern down. Sorry!

Cute Bunny Rabbit Pattern

Totoro Amigurumi Pattern

This Christmas bear was custom made for my brother. There’s no pattern but it was really simple to make. Feel free to comment below if you want the pattern for it! In fact, I made another bear with the same style. It’s a panda!

This is a special round penguin inspired by this design but I added a rattle inside for my baby nephew.

More Penguins Amigurumi

Pokémon Amigurumis

At one time, we were also all caught up with the Pokémon Gotta Catch it All craze. I didn’t actually crochet it all but I did a couple which I found really fun.

Pokeball Amigurumi Pattern

Tangela Amigurumi Pattern

Magikarp Amigurumi Pattern

Finally, this Toilet

Well, someone had to do it!

Toilet Amigurumi Pattern

After following patterns for a while, as you know, I decided to come up with my own patterns from characters and cartoons. Subsequently I became better at recording patterns, starting with easier patterns. And the rest is history!

You can view all my own free amigurumi patterns here.

(For all the amigurumis above with no pattern, I can try redo and post their patterns if you really want them. No promises though!)