Goodbye Nokia Lumia 920

Goodbye Nokia Lumia 920

Dear Nokia Lumia 920,

When I decided we should get together, I considered the sexy iPhone 5 and the talented Samsung Galaxy S3. However I chose you for your strong personality and your look of confidence.

Although I initially had my doubts, I grew to love your amazing 4″ display and abilities to see and take amazing photos in the night. You also brought me to discover places without getting lost with your reliable Nokia maps. I didn’t mind that you were overweight as I knew below that tough exterior was wireless charging and NFC capabilities. You looked extremely sexy and special in white. I didn’t even mind that I couldn’t find the right accessories to dress you up with, ’cause you were beautiful just the way you are.

I soon got over the oohs-and-ahhs over the brightly-colored and stylish Windows 8 Phone tiles interface in 1 day, and grew to hate your new friend, your partner. I knew the exact time when it all went downhill. Just 10 mins after I turned you on, I tried to import my contacts and that simple task took me well over 30 mins, perusing over page after page of internet how-to articles. Why can’t your friend made it simpler?!?!  When I tried to use IE10 on the phone, it translates beautifully crafted websites into a disconnected mess, throwing navigational bars and links everywhere, and mixing large and small fonts together like a toddler playing with lego. Scripts don’t work properly, neither do pop-ups. And it is missing some essential browser navigational buttons.

Despite this, I stuck with you for over 8 months. My phone has no more than 25 apps, because many of them sucked and the Windows App Store is a dreary, uninspiring collection of half-hearted, half-done apps. My calender does not sync over 4 weeks, so I can only check what’s going on in my life a month at a time. When I delete or sort emails, it does not download new ones or even sync with the web mail version until, maybe, after two days. Each time I tried to do an update, it threatens to send my phone into the black abyss of recovery mode. Feedback goes unheard. I know because I spent most part of the 8 months browsing forums and struggling with the poor, other lost people who bought into Nokia’s new “game-changer”.

But each time I want to give up and throw in the towel, I found solace in a new Nokia app and I enjoyed it for just a few days more. Those are the ones that kept me going… (and the odd XBox app.)

I really hated to give up the Camera Pro or Nokia Drive (in perpetual beta) apps when I put you up on craiglist but I think I had the final straw with Windows Phone 8. As if to tell me that THIS is the nail in the coffin, it refused to restart after a factory reset and stayed on spinning gears (recovery mode) for over an hour. It was only after I did a hack did it recover.

Windows, you have been with me for most part of my life AND given me enough stress all these years. I don’t need my phone to continuing doing that for me.

Nokia, sorry, you just made a bad choice. It is time to break up especially now you are going to be legally and formally married to your partner. Moi moi.