Ok, so I became an iSheep and actually queued up for an Apple device on the launch of iPad Air on Nov 5. In my opinion, that sounds pretty crazy to me, but you can say that my husband and I were desperate as the iPhone 5S stocks are extremely limited in stocks just because we missed the launch on the first day (I blame the flippers for this!). Thankfully the queue for iPad Air outside nubox was refreshingly short, and if you go into Courts or other resellers, everyone had stocks and you can buy without queueing at all.

Why the desperate need for an iPad and iPhone?
We sold our last Apple device (iPad 2) over 6 months ago and I have been using Windows OS (see my Lumia 920 review) and he had been using Android OS. Shortly after I sold my phone, I’d also started using an Android phablet. I have little complaints about using Android but I really miss the simplicity, speed and aesthetics of iOS. And we desperately needed one iOS device to test websites so it is for work purposes as well. Let’s leave the OS comparison to another day, this is the iPad Air review:

First Looks
The bezel, oh the bezel! It is certainly as beautiful as the iPad mini and I adore the large display. I used to have the iPad mini and a Samsung Tab 2 7.0 but Apple iPads always have the best screen resolutions that is comfortable to the eye for reading and viewing. The thinner bezel just makes it way more beautiful and frames all your web pages, apps and books perfectly. It is not even that hard to hold or type with one hand! (As I’m doing now as I blog this.)

First Touch
Light as Air? We’ll not quite, but it is certainly as whole lot lighter, and thinner! Alongside with the previous generation iPads, the contrast is stark. I’d actually refrained from buying the iPad 3 & 4 because there was not a significant weight difference between them and the iPad 3. I love it because carrying so many gadgets around me with every day shouldn’t give me unsightly over-large arm muscles. This should be the way going forward, lighter thinner devices. The Retina display is amazing and one of the best things about it is the touch sensitivity. I have not been using Apple for so long and it is great to be back. It always somehow knows what you are trying to tap on or type, without much input from me. It actually makes my Android phablet appear dull and stupid when it comes to tapping and typing.

Speed is King
I don’t need a benchmark test to tell me that this is Fast! I hate wasting my life on loading pages, waiting for apps, etc. It is no wonder technology makes us all so frustrated nowadays. The iPad is simply fast fast fast. Although some might say it might not be very significantly faster than the older models, it is definitely fast enough for me.

The Others
Battery life could be better, especially when there is Kindle and Nexus around, but I can’t complain. It was either battery or a heavier gadget. Some people also make a big deal of the lack of Touch ID. I personally think that’s an unnecessary feature that actually will not influence my buying decision, like NFC or wireless charging.

The Ugly
Apple now persuasively demands that you use only their “certified” cables. As if I haven’t splurged out enough for their iPad or iPhone, they want to take more of my money. Yes, I did try with $2 cables and they didn’t work.

App Of The Day: Special Mention
If you own an IPad, can I ask you to try Coast for iPad out? I found it to be such a fantastic browser! I’m going to research more apps specifically made for IPad now. What do you think are great iOS apps?

Disclaimer: I’m not really a techie but I’m married to one. It kinda rubs off on you after some time and ,at the very least, increase your tolerance level when people starts talking about resolutions, megapixels, processors etc. etc. etc. And I admit, I am somewhat of an iSheep and proud of it.