Given a choice, I would choose Japanese food over Korean, and so would my husband. It was by chance that we were obliged to try out Kim’s Family restaurant at Lorong Kilat. It is a long story on how we came across this place so i’m going to leave that for a future post…

Meanwhile, back to Korean cuisine! The last time I had authentic korean food was almost 15 years ago and I naturally left with a very full stomach that’s on fire! Needless to say, I hesitated just a little before trying again… 15 years in fact!


Kim’s, frankly, needs no introduction. Their restaurant is packed with customers on the weekends and waiting time is over half an hour. It helps because by the time you get a table, you’ll be famished and finish everything on the table! So I’m reviewing this only because they are seriously kick-ass and worth reviewing.


I ordered the Beef Bulgogi set and a Flower Crab soup. Imagine my surprise when all these side dishes and appetizers appeared. It is almost like a full meal. We were secretly happy we did not order TWO sets.

(Update: When I went there again the following week, apparently the side dishes were free flow so you can keep requesting for top-ups of the ones you like! Isn’t that so much value for money?)



Twelve Korean appetizers! I wish I knew the names of all of them but I don’t. These dishes are seasonal and will change but you’ll always get 12 types. Wow! You don’t get that many at your home dinner table right? And can you believe this is not all?


Sweet and tender Beef Bulgogi… the entire set with appetizers was only $12. I was simply shocked at the portion. If there is OnE thing that I would recommend as a MUST EAT, I would say, get the Beef Bulgogi set! It is seriously good. The meat is tender and juicy and sweet, even young and old would not find it tough. Frankly, this portion is enough for us both but we also ordered something special…



My husband loves crab and would try anything that is crab so this caught his attention. It is not often we get to try some delicious crab soup! This is unique because it is extremely spicy and the flavor of flower crabs was unmistakable! If you love seafood, you have to try this!

Needless to say, this restaurant deserves a full 5-stars in my humble opinion. We left feeling happy and satisfied… And with our bellies on fire! I’ll definitely be back! (Yes, I did get some gastric upset again due to all the spiciness but it was a good type of upset! Blame it all on my sensitive stomach!)

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