For 22 years, millions of golden yellow McFrench fries, mountains of McBurgers, rivers of McCoke and beds of McPancakes were served at King Albert Park’s famous McDonald House.

Despite the hideous McMascots on the stairs leading up to MCD, I’ve been visiting this outlet in the last five years, usually in the dead of night, seeking golden fries and fillets of fish in soft, fluffy buns… I’m loving it, wolfing them down on the second level of the premises. I also used to bring my little tyke here as we believed in fast-food education: Eat what Mommy and Daddy loves (albeit in moderate amounts!). They offered 1st hour of parking free and also the convenience of an 24-hour Cold Storage for midnight grocery needs. Yes, I happen to have those kind of needs!

I couldn’t resist the chance to go back and take some final photos. So adieu, sayonara and ciao KAP McDonald’s house… May you stay forever in our guilty-pleasure memories.