I’ve been meaning to write this review of Brozeit for a long time. In lieu of Germany winning the World Cup, the timing could not have come at a better time.

We stumbled into Brotzeit one night because we were hungry, everything else was closed and they opened til late. Honestly, I did not even know they served German food (specifically Bavaria) until I sat down and saw the menu.


So, how was the food? In short, delicious, aromatic, fresh and interesting. The service was really good too. Highly recommended and I will certainly be back to try more goodies.

We ordered their slow roasted lamb shank, beef soup (goulash) and a glorious dessert platter.



The Lamm Haxe is slow roasted lamb shank with braised orange-cranberry red cabbage and napkin dumplings. The meat is so tender that a knife is optional unless you want to look proper. Just simply poke a fork into the tender meat and it simply falls off the bone. The sauce is simply delicious too. It is fragrant, fruity, slightly tart and goes wonderfully well with lamb.




The Gulaschsuppe / Goulash Soup is a spicy beef goulash soup filled with aromatic spices. It is smooth, fiery and smoky. I really love spice and this soup is an orchestra of flavors in your mouth.



Nachspeisen Teller / Dessert Medley (for 2 to 3 pax) is the best of Brotzeit®’s desserts featuring our homemade apple strudel, warm chocolate cake, fruits, homemade crepes and ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce. As you can see, we did not save on dessert. I boldly ordered the Dessert Medley. It says 2-3 pax but it certainly looks like it can feed up to 5 semi-full adults or 1 hungry woman with a super sweet tooth. Needless to say, it is as good as it looks!


The warm strudel is so flaky and packed with soft cooked apple that is spiced with cinnamon. Nit too sweet and simply delightful. Did you know? “Strudel” a German word, derives from the Middle High German word for “whirlpool” or “eddy”. You learn something new every day!




Desserts galore! The ice-cream flavors are intense and goes wonderfully with the soft crepe. And the chocolate fondant cake was warm and sooooo tasty I couldn’t stop eating it even though I was close to exploding. If heaven was filled with desserts like this, let me just die now.

Needless to say, it was quite an experience. German food is unlike anything that I’ve ever tried and it is not commonly available so take the chance to try something new while you can!

Note before you go: It is a little costly but not extravagant. One of the reason is, the portions are huge… HUGE! So share with a friend and pace yourself.

Do let me know of other delicious German food I should try!