I don’t like burgers. Really. Sandwiches, subs, I love, just not burgers. To me, burgers are cheap (mostly unhealthy) pieces of meat clamp together in doughy, floury and dry buns. However, I Am a Foodie too! So when I come across food, especially good looking food, I will eat it.

Hunger as usual brought me to the out-of-the-way and rundown Turf City at Bukit Timah. Why this place is still here, I do not know. In its hey day, it was a go-to entertainment center for horse and money lovers alike. However, ever since they have moved to the new Turf Club, this place is just sad. The compound is too big to convert to anything useful and shops and restaurants are scattered throughout, making it seem that there is actually nothing good to offer.

However, as such ironic things do happen, there ARE plenty of good eats to be found here! The newly opened Pasarbella is one. I will totally review that on a separate post but recently I found Omakase Burger. (Wah, so sua ku right? Now then hear about the famous Omakase???)
Jajaja, that aside, let me show you some mouth-watering pics.


         My iPhone 5S photos  is not bad right? LOL.

Tuck in, tuck in. This is the most delicious, mouth-watering, melting and smooth cheeseburger I have every had. To live life to this point and having only tried McDonald’s $2 Cheeseburger, this really takes the cake… Uh I mean, burger. It is a pleasant mingle of melted cheese, soft buns, tender and fresh beef patty, fresh vegetables and it smells so good. You will GO SPEECHLESS when you actually bite into it and feel the juices enter your mouth. They should just call it the “Shut Up and Eat Me” burger! I’m actually salivating now even just trying to recollect the smell, texture and taste.

I don’t exaggerate! Well, I do, but not this time! If you still think burgers are cheap fillers for your tummy, Try this. It is certainly expensive but worth every mouthful in my humble opinion.

Omakase Burger
200 Turf Club Rd | Wisma Atria
6763 2698

Oh, before I forget, if you order their fresh orange juice, you will get to see an entertaining machine squeezing oranges for you. Get me one of those in my house and I’ll be looking at it all day.