So, if you are in Singapore, probably you have not gone into the Pebble Smartwatch craze yet. Skeptics call it a glorified watch, and fanboys call it the best smart watch for now.

I’m not particularly nerdy nor geeky, but I do like to discuss apps and gadgets to a certain degree. You can call me a lazy nerd. That is why I am an iPhone user haha.

Anyway, prior to getting the Pebble smart watch, I have read tons of reviews and checked out its features and was really in two minds about it. It does not seem to be particularly useful, there is a lack of features and hardware and settings. However, now that I have it and got a chance to play with it, I can say it is a fun gadget to have… Even with some of its inconveniences.


First of all, Do you Really Need Notifications on your watch?

Well, if you are the type that keeps missing messages and phone calls because your phone was set to silent and you forgot, or if you are the type who actually uses the Find My iPhone feature because it is lost deep in the chasms of your elephantine handbag… Yes.

It notifies you with a discreet bzzzzt so only you will get to feel it. It does take a while to get used to, for the first couple of days, I jumped like a startled mouse whenever I receive a message. (Imagine the pranks you can play on people!)


Now for the fun stuff: On the Pebble, you can browse through over 1,000 apps in the Android Play Store or Apple Appstore and select your own apps to install on your watch. So besides telling the time, the weather, date and get some notifications, you will be able to track your movements (running, walking, swimming etc.), read reviews on your favorite restaurant, connect to your shopping list, navigate with GPS, check the news and plenty more.


Cool, sleek and some whacky ones… These are my favorites.

1. Such Doge. Wow.


2. Taller


Recommended Apps:

Will the Pebble smartwatch be useful or fun to you? It depends on what you install on it. Ok, there is a complete lack of apps made for the Singapore market… Like traffic reports? Developers, please take note.

That said, my favorites are currently these:

1. Yelp
Surprisingly, there are plenty of suggestions already in Yelp for Singapore restaurants and listings. I like! With a shake of your wrist, you can get a random suggestion to a restaurant, saving a lot of time if you are the indecisive sort like me. I have discovered a few nice places to eat so far. However, the Pebble watch app still needs further fine-tuning. For example, it sometimes suggests restaurants that are up to 5 miles away and more. I can’t change it to kilometers and I can’t narrow the search area down at all. It simply does not make sense to ask me to travel halfway across Singapore just to have dinner! I have already written in my feedback to them. Meanwhile, this is still the best app for Singapore foodies.



2. Pebtris
As you can see, it is Tetris that you can play on your watch! So nostalgic…


3. Pebble Cards
A very useful app that offers customizable cards that tell the time and date as well as show your stocks, the RSS feeds, calendar activities and more.



4. Pixel Miner
Finally, a silly game that is simple enough to play on your watch and waste time during your daily commute.


I’m still testing out more apps and games. The great thing is, if you start to get bored of your watch, you can just change it up again with new apps as these get added very often. Ultimately, I think that the Pebble watch, although not extremely useful, would at least make a great gift for your boyfriend, husband or father. I know I’m very happy with my gift!

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