(What a mouthful!)
When the announcement came out that the only Natural History Museum in Singapore was going to be opened, I was more than excited. I had to go! My husband and I have a great love for museums and I think it is safe to say we have visited every single museum available to the public in Singapore, even the more obscure ones. (If you think there’s a museum I haven’t been to, drop me an email or a comment below.)

Finally I had the chance to visit the newly opened Singapore LKCNHM aka Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. My dream would be to, of course, visit the London Natural History Museum, which is the museum of all museums in my mind. That aside, thanks to Mr Lee’s contribution, the remnants of whatever wildlife left in Metropolitan Singapore can forever be remembered and preserved.

Naturally, I took plenty of pictures so I probably have to split this trip into two more visually digestible parts. Enjoy!



A Model of the Rafflesia


Fossilized Microbial Life- The Beginning of Life


10 Common Trees of Singapore



Cross-section of the Last Changi Tree- Now Extinct in Singapore


Different Wood Grains Under a Microscope


Titan Lily! Just a Model but Impressive Nonetheless


Fungi are like the jellyfishes of the plant kingdom. Or so I think.


The Most Fascinating Fungi of all, the Cordyceps! Seen here growing out of Cicadas. Amazing!


Moving on to…



Dodos must have evolved to be extinct. They look like fat ducks. I wonder how they taste roasted… mmm mmm!



A fossil of possibly the first bird ever: Archaeopteryx

Hmm, judging by the lack of photos, I don’t think much of birds don’t I? It is true.



Mesmerizing Ammonites have been around for millions of years


Not too long ago shells, like these beautiful cowries, were used as currency!




Sea Mouse


A turtle without its shell, showing off its inards.


The oddest oysters: Pen oysters

End of part one! In part two, I will post pictures of the popular dinosaurs and mammals exhibits.