Malacca, or Melaka, is a popular Singaporean tourist destination. I think at least 90% of Singaporeans have and will go there once in their lifetime. Yes, I made up this statistic to make a point. As for me, I have been to Malacca more times that I dare to admit.

Ok! So what are the TWO new experiences in Malacca? One is a fabulous restaurant and the other is a fun place to spend time!

Veggie Planet

Axian (Jason) the popular Malaysian food photographer featured this  restaurant in one of his programs.  (Did I mention we are huge fans?) Veggie Planet serves delicious food that is healthy and good for you. The food is really amazing and you have to taste it to believe it!   
 For starters, we had Fresh Veggie Rolls, which is similar to Popiah. It is quite special but I didn’t think it was as good as an original popiah. However, this is the only item that I thought could be better.

Creamy soy bean drink made from 5 types of beans!


Delicious! Herbal soup with homemade ramen.


Fragrant Nasi Lemak with brown rice

       Oh did I mention it is vegetarian? You will never notice because it is so delicious! It is not the typical type of vegetarian food you get in Singapore so totally worth a try!

Mamee House at Jonker Walk

Conveniently located at Jonker walk, Mamee House is set to be the best new attraction that everyone must visit. Many different workshops and cooking classes are available for young and old and you can buy Mamee Monster souveniers and snacks, all at pretty affordable prices! If you have children, I highly recommend bringing them there. It will keep them entertained for at least a couple of hours.


Make you own instant cup noodles!


Pass time easily by decorating the wrapper anyway you wish.


After decorating, you are ready to package your cup noodles!


Malacca is an old place that is constantly renewing itself! What are your favorite Malacca attractions? Do let me know!