I can’t believe it! I am nearly 50% done! Hopefully I will be able to finish this before my next trip to the USA which is likely happening soon. The time it is taking to blog this entire trip is getting ridiculous!

Los Angeles to Las Vegas

After a good night’s sleep, we went to the Mexican-styled supermarket across the road to buy cup noodles, snacks, and other goodies. We also bought fruits as fiber and fresh vitamins are essential especially on a long holiday. The berries are so delicious, cheaper and much fresher here and I highly recommend gorging on them like a bear preparing for hibernation.

We planned to visit Charlie Brown Farms in Littlerock, CA for the World’s Largest Jerky and other curios and interesting gifts on the way but as things usually are on road trips, things do not always go to plan so we did not go to this attraction at all. The address is below if you wish to visit!

Address: 8317 Pearblossom hwy, Littlerock CA 93546
Drive time: 1h 35m

Because time was running late, we headed for Las Vegas straight away and did not want to stop. But thank goodness we did stop because our car needed fuel at this absolutely attractive place:

Barstow Outlets
2796 Tanger Way Barstow, CA 92311

The stopover at Tanger Outlets which turned out to be very fruitful as everything was on a pre-Christmas sale and there was 60% off mall-wide on top of whatever discounts the brands were having. We don’t budget for luxury goods on our trips but we did leave with a more than a few Coach merchandise, and just $200 lighter in our pockets.

Time is money and we have already spent too long here!

Sin City: Las Vegas

It is Day 5 and it still surprises us how fast the sun sets in this part of the world! Darkness was falling fast and we had just reached the Las Vegas strip.

We immediately checked in to our hotel MGM Signature:

145 E Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89109

We picked this hotel as we didn’t like smell of smoke lingering in our rooms and it was rather beautiful from the pictures and had a coffee maker and kitchenette. However after staying there, we realized it was not very convenient, the walk to the strip is extremely far (does not look like it from the map) and the food court was closed by the time we arrived. We even bought the monorail tickets and it still took us an hour of non-stop walking to get from our hotel to the other end of the strip!

Las Vegas for almost free! (http://www.vegas.com/attractions/free-attractions-las-vegas/)
After dinner we can walk around Las Vegas strip and do the touristy, hotel jumping and take in all the free casino attractions. And there’s a lot! There is more free attractions here than anywhere else because I think they want people to spend most of their money on gambling. For us non-gamblers, we took full advantage of it.

The Bellagio fountains is clichè but still definitely a must-see when you are in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Free Attractions

MGM: Home to the CBS TV City Research Center. Didn’t go.

Hershey’s Chocolate World: Outside New York New York hotel. Open till  11pm. Chocolate mania! Didn’t go although I saw it. It looked really far away and my feet were killing me.

Bellagio Conservatory and Fountains: Fountain times: every half and hour from 7pm -midnight. Conservatory: Open 24 hours. It was Christmas time and they had over-the-top decorations.

Worth the trip and hunger to get to from our hotel.

Ceasar’s Fall of Atlantis Show: Every hour, 11:00am – 11:00pm

Circus Circus: Come here for a display of antique moustaches… Just kidding! Come for the obviously-named circus acts. (I can’t believe you fell for that.)

Freemont Street Experience: 1,500 feet of video screen displays nightly at this open-air street.

We didn’t really go anywhere in Las Vegas as we were tired after a long day and hungry. So we just had pizza and hit the sack.

/loud snores zzz