Yay, this is me, finally blogging about my road trip to the land of freedom and cheeseburgers. An epic road trip needs an epic amount of time to sort through right? I’ll be glad if I EVER get all 10 days done, cos I have the attention span of those little dogs when they see a leaf, ball, car, worm… Hey! Is that a squirrel?

San Francisco

Arriving at SFO airport at 10:15am was the best thing to happen after a long torturous flight. We pick up car from Hertz from the car rental center at the airport, which was pretty painless and fuss-free, and we were ready to go in less than 30 minutes. However it was not as easy for my Husband to get the hang of driving on the other side, which caused us to meander around the airport for almost 45 mins before finding our lunch destination.

For lunch, we decided to drop by the delicious (Yelp, TripAdvisor said so.) New England Lobster Market & Deli, which is close to the airport. (Leave room for desserts! See below.)

Address: 824 Cowan Rd, Burlingame, CA 94010 

We didn’t get a chance to try the San Franciscan It’s-It homegrown ice-cream, well, cos it is winter and cold and the last thing you want is ice-cream. They are all over the bay area but the factory is nearby.
It’s-It Ice Cream
865 Burlway Rd, Burlingame, CA 94010

The lodging we booked for the first day is Royal Pacific Motor Inn, which is a basic budget motel that offers free parking. This motel is so much better than I expected. The rooms are large, clean and warm and recently updated. If you have a car and require lodging in downtown SF, this is the place to go! By the way, everywhere is expensive in San Francisco so do not expect too much of a bargain unless you want to end up somewhere really dingy with a shared bath.

Once we checked in and dropped our luggage and left our car in the parking lot, we explored San Francisco on foot. Although it seemed daunting at first, walking is really the best way to explore a tightly packed city like SF. I can’t emphasize this enough: Leave your car behind, unless you like getting into a road rage and ruin your mood for the rest of the day. The only downside to walking is the cold. Thankfully, our first place of interest was Chinatown, which is just steps away from our motel. We initially did not want to visit what we thought might be commonplace and boring… (well, coming from Singapore and being Chinese) but it turned out to be really fascinating. Besides, everything is marginally cheaper here compared to the rest of SF and you can get the opportunity to warm up while shopping for corny souvenirs to get for yourself and friends and family!

This is actually a bank!

This parking meter is solar-powered. Wow. We are new to parking meters and did not want to take the risk with the law so we chose to not drive.

Because we packed such a heavy late lunch from the New England Lobster Co earlier, we only had some hot HK milk tea before walking down to Union Square with the aid of my GPS. The intention was to look for the Apple store and purchase my new iPhone here: 
Apple Store, San Francisco

One Stockton Street, San Francisco Ca 94108   
By the way, getting an iPhone from the USA is about S$200 cheaper for each model and the state does not give tourists tax refunds.

It was a really long day for us so we headed back to the hotel at about 7pm to wash up, have the last of our lobster dinner (Did I mention we packed a lot?) and rest for the night.

SF Food Resources: