We woke up in a haze of tiredness and yet still full of eagerness to start a new day in the USA.

Putting our original plans aside, we spared a couple of hours for attending church, and after that we have to get a replacement car from Hertz at the Orange County Airport.

It was 4pm when we finally had a horribly expensive lunch at the airport and got a new car, this time, a Dodge Avenger. Excited, we got on with as much as our LA tour as we could, racing the sunset.

In LA we weren’t very interested to visit Hollywood because we are not all that into movies. However LA has one of the most concentration museums in the whole of USA so I really wanted to visit at least a couple. 

There are some fast food experiences that are uniquely LA or were at least born here, so checking them out is part of a truly LA cultural experience. These include In N Out Burgers, Pink’s Hot Dog’s and the not-remotely-authentic Tito’s Tacos. When we arrived, we drove straight for the famous Pink’s Hot Dogs where numerous famous people has visited. The queue was also famously long but that was expected. We took the opportunity to take some photos, and even got the people queuing up behind us to help us take a photo.

Pink’s Hollywood: LA iconic hotdog stand, since 1939
Address: 709 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039, United States
Hours: 9:30am – 2am


Outside Pink's Hot Dogs

A group photo beats a #wefie stick anytime!

Street parking in LA

First time using metered parking! Once again, we had to ask a passer-by how it works.

Pink's Chilli Dogs Hollywood

With about a hundred (?) variations of Chilli dogs, we just got a few random ones since we never had a chilli dog before.


After a delicious meal, it was dark and cold and we were so tempted to just go back to the hotel and sleep. However it felt like we didn’t even give LA a chance. Since we were there already, we decided on driving to the Wilshire Ave for 2 main atractions: La Brea Tar Pits and the  LACMA. I’m pretty glad we did!

La Brea Tar Pits: The La Brea Tar Pits are a group of tar pits around which Hancock Park was formed, in urban Los Angeles. Natural asphalt has seeped up from the ground in this area for tens of thousands of years. The tar is often covered with dust, leaves, or water. — Wikipedia

Address: 5801 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036, United States
Hours: 0930 – 1700
Fee: $12/adult

Since it was late and the museum was closed, we just walked the grounds. 

La Brea Tar Pit

It was so dark that this photo had to be taken with my camera flash! But this is a tar pit.

La Brea Tar Pit Statue

A statue of a bear inside the Museum grounds


The LACMA aka Los Angeles County Museum of Art was just a short walk away.

LACMA modern art installation: Urban Lights

We also saw a number of other public art installations walking through the LACMA, such as this yellow stringy thingy. Hey! It is artistic right?

 And these, whatever they are. (Sorry if you are the artist!)


After getting in touch with our artistic side and freezing out in the LA winter, we went back to our hotel at about 8pm.