The Tesla Coil demonstration that the Singapore Science Center is something we always look forward to when visiting the science centre.

The Science Centre is a place where all Singaporeans grew up with and probably visited more than a few times in their schooling years. Since last year, it is even cheaper and more affordable to visit the Science Centre for young children as it is free on off-peak days such as weekdays that are non-holidays and the entrance fees have dropped about 30%.

We arrived pretty early at the Science Centre on Saturday and got a head start in trying out the exhibits before the Tesla Coil show which usually starts at 12pm. 

During the Tesla Coil demonstration, what was surprising was that, in addition to the usual rush of 3.5 million volts being demonstrated on various objects; including fluorescent tubes, a hydrogen ballon and a Faraday cage, we were all treated to an electrifying musical performance by the Tesla Coil to celebrate Nikola Tesla’s birthday that weekend. In all my years at the science centre, this is the first time we had seen the performance. What a treat!
Can you guess the song it is playing?

If you guessed Super Mario, you are absolutely right!

As usual, the Singapore Science Centre is tremendous fun for children of all ages and even for adults too!