The next day we got up early trying to catch the sunrise. However we soon realize that cold, wintry and foggy mornings aren’t the best for sunrise watching. Although the canyon was right behind our lodge, we couldn’t see anything over the fog.

Finally we conceded defeat and returned back to our room for breakfast (instant cup noodles) before packing up to leave. We drove around the village a little and finally parked at a viewing point, and lo and behold! The Grand Canyon opened up itself in front of us.

With all that snow around, I couldn’t resist but to make a small snowman!

After our day in The Grand Canyon, we had to get a move on to Bakersfield which was rather far away. On the way back though we came across this awesome place called Bearizona! It is a drive-through safari type adventure. We have never been anywhere like this before so we decided to give it a go.


We saw many different animals from the Northen hemisphere:

Bearizona was an unexpected find as we came back down to Arizona from Grand Canyon. It was a unique experience for us to drive through wolves, bears, yaks, goats etc and some animals came really close up to the car to check us out. I felt like the tables had turned and we were the exhibits instead of the animals which were allowed to roam free while we were constrained in our cars. It was very fun to see all these in the comfort and warmth of our car. For a more traditional “zoo” experience, there was a pretty large petting zoom and other exhibits of smaller animals at the visitor center area. There was also an exciting show where birds of prey flew mere centimetres from our heads (take the center seats!)

We finally left Bearizona a couple of hours later and drove onwards to Bakersfield. It was well into the night when we finally reached the city and we went to a famous fast food restaurant for a late dinner.

Having ticked off this item off our bucket list, we finally could check into our motel and just sleep.