My blog has been logo-less and design-less in quite a while because I have been quite adamant about not mixing work with leisure. I feel that I’m already spent after a work-week of designing logos, brochures and websites for other people and maintaining them that probably it is good to just get away from designing, especially on my own blog.

I learned that blogging isn’t easy. I don’t like to put my life out there for people to judge and I am actually a very private person. There are probably 900 things that I wish I could blog about but I’ll wither it down to just one or two because they are either too controversial or perhaps just a rant that I will definitely regret later. Plus the amount of work and graphics needed to go into a good blog is probably too time-consuming as a simple hobby.

That said, I do love my job and to design, and frankly I had started this blog with the intention of putting my design views into words and graphics and share them. However it slowly evolved from work and knowledge related to something more relaxed and as an outlet and, frankly, I’m glad I did.

So the logo came to me just only a couple of days ago, without much thinking. I quickly drew up a few drafts on my daughter’s new study tool and showed them to my blogging partner and husband for his views and we quickly settled on one. It was probably not as “professional” as my other logos but more importantly, it was fuss-free, simple and very personal; just like this blog!

Final decision: