I spent the better part of 5 months planning for this massive trip. We do enjoy going on self-drive, self-planned trips and this was going to be the ultimate trip for the two of us. Everything was decided and booked by ourselves, with no help from travel agencies, using various planning tools, websites and apps such as TripAdvisor, Yelp and Expedia. You can imagine the amount of sifting and craziness I had to go through while planning for this trip.

Well, finally all the hard work is coming to fruition. At this moment, I’m wondering if the stress will ever go away and be replaced with relief and fun. I guess I will never know until the trip starts!

Here we go, this is a summary of the trip we are going on. It is a balance of city attractions, nature and shopping, minus the theme parks. Although theme parks are a big deal in LA, we omit this from our trip as we felt that there are much places to go with our tight schedule.

The Ultimate USA West Coast Trip

Places: San Francisco, Pacific Coast Highway, LA, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon

Day 1 – 17 Dec – SF
Burlingame, Chinatown, Financial district, Golden Gate Bridge and Park
Hotel: Royal Pacific Motor Inn (free parking)

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Day 2 – 18 Dec – SF / Monterey Bay – Start of Big Sur
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Hotel: Cannery Row Inn

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Day 3 – 19 Dec – Monterey to LA, Anaheim
Monterey to Cambria along the Pacific Coast Highway Coast 3-4 hours
Cambria to Anaheim 5 hours
Drive time: 8 hours
Hotel: Hotel Pepper Tree

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Day 4 – 20 Dec – LA (Anaheim)
Lord’s Table meeting: 2431 W La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801, USA
Hollywood, La Brea Tar Pits
Room: As above.

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Day 5 – 21 Dec – LA to LV
Las Vegas Strip
Hotel: MGM Signature Room
Drive time: 5.5 h

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Day 6 – 22 Dec – LV to Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon South Rim, Sunset and Sunrise
Hotel: Bright Angel Lodge $99.42 (booked)
Drive time: 4.5h

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Day 7 – 23 Dec – Grand Canyon to Bakersfield
Grand Canyon, Bearizona
Hotel: Red Roof Inn
Drive time: 8h

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Day 8 – 24 Dec – Bakersfield to Yosemite
Yosemite Valley
Yosemite Lodge by the Falls hotel: $250.84 (S$358.47)<booked>
Drive time: 4h
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Day 9 – 25 Dec – Yosemite to SF
Union Square
Hotel: Cornell Hotel de France: $168.68
Parking: $24/24 hours
Drive time: 3.5h

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Day 10 – 26 Dec – SF – Leave for Singapore at night (Dec 27 00:10)
Fisherman’s wharf, Embarcedero, Alcatraz

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Budget: SGD 10,000
flight S$3147.80
room us$1232.08
car: us$600
Food: us$1000
Expenditure/misc: us$1500