This is a confession, we are huge lovers of Malay and Indian food. (Chinese food not so much.) I don’t know if it is our preference for stronger tasting food or perhaps we are just tired of the monotony of eating “Chinese-style” food almost every day but the mere mention of curries, rendang, goreng, rojak or kueh definitely will trigger overactive saliva glands. Therefore ever since I moved to Eunos, we have been going to the Geylang Serai Bazaar, which happens every year during the Ramadan period. In fact, we visit it more often than the Chinese New Year bazaar at Chinatown during CNY. 

At first we didn’t think too much of this “tradition” of ours, which is why I didn’t even take photos each time I went, but it occured to us that this is probably the last year I can conveniently visit the Pasar Malam as my Mom will be moving away from Eunos next year. So, this year, I took more photos so we can file it under “Things we used to do” and have some memories to look back when we are old 🙁

Delicious food galore!

Super fresh and mouth-watering grilled oysters

Blowtorch a huge block of cheese and pour the cheesy goodness onto potatoes or sausages. Need I say more?


Rolled ice-cream

Snacks snacks snacks


Pulled lamb burger… nomnomnom

I didn’t manage to eat everything! I only took photos of the interesting stuff. How I wish I can camp there and try everything night after night until we finished everything. Anyway, I hope we will be back next year!