I'm so excited to share about my recent foodie experience. I had the chance to travel into Malaysia's Batu Pahat town for lunch and shopping. Prior to this, we did our "research" as usual and found a wonderful article here on a delicious roadside stall selling peanut pancakes aka Min Jiang Kueh.

I do love to eat Min Jiang Kueh or anything resembling doughy, cakey, sweet… Basically I love to eat! So this Min Jiang Kueh is really an amazing find.

After the first bite, it is not an understatement to say: This is the best pancake in the world… Nay, the best pancake in the history of mankind!


I've always felt that, when it comes to guilty, delicious and good south-east Asian food, it can only be found in Malaysia. Singapore's hawker food really fare pooryly in comparison. The main reason: Most of Singaporean's food are profit-driven rather than focused on the art of producing the best quality you can give. It is probably a little harsh to hear this but I think that is the sad reality.

Don't look down on this unassuming roadside stall. It has no name, no address but you can tell that it is good from the dozens of people standing around it. And let me tell you, be expected to wait around 30 mins for your order to be ready.


It is quite fun to watch the uncle shoot back and forth, juggling between mixing batter, spreading the batter, sprinkling peanuts, adding oil and so on.







One WHOLE pan, cut into roughly about 10 pieces, costs only RM5.

So, in summary, it is worth to go out of the way to try this awesome Min Jiang Kueh. Do expect to wait 30 mins, I suggest you enjoy a meal at the famous Seng Kee Herbal Soup that is just next door while waiting.

Address: Junction of Jalan Abu Bakar and Jalan Mohd Akil. Just outside a coffee shop and opposite the famous Swee Kee herbal soup restaurant
GPS: 1.852493,102.928526
Hours until sold out (usually at 4)

If you have had any fantastic food in Malaysia so far, let me know in the comments below!