Singapore is a city, a very small one at that. We do not really have lots of space for nature and I feel conservation and nature is neglected and done more like a “token” to the people. The government themselves has threatened to develop wild Pulau Ubin more than a few times and I feel that it is just hanging on its last threads. Even though this is my second time back here in 6 months since my last visit to Pulau Ubin, it was still a fun experience even if it was a short one.

I went to Chek Jawa for the first time this month with my husband and daughter. One is always willing to travel to the ends of the earth with me, and the other is just tagging along because she don’t really have a choice as to where the next crazy destination her mother might come up with. Either way, it is always a hoot travelling with the both of them.

Unfortunately, once again time was not on our side again even though we were quite early. Arriving at 8:30am, the tide was about 0.5 metres deep and rising fast! We made a rash decision and tried to walk the sea grass habitat. Big mistake as it was a soggy sticky mud and it was really scary to be stuck in it! It is like quicksand!

Navigating through the sea grass and mud took so long that it was high tide by the time we got out of it so we returned back to the visitors center for a picnic.

After that we had wanted to walk a little more around Ubin but this time Grace wasn’t feeling too well so we went back home.

Sigh. I guess we will be back again soon!