It is no secret we are huge durian lovers. It was a while since the last great durian season (2015) and we were craving for some proper delicious, sweet and creamy goodness. Ever since 2015, the best durian we had was at Bao Sheng Durian Farm in Penang. However even they have a shortage in supply this year and we were also too busy to make the 12 hour drive to Penang.

There are a couple of reason for the serious durian shortage. First the weather hasn’t been conducive for productivity. Durians prefer a dry season for flowering and this year it has been sporadic rainy weather and raining hard at that! Secondly, part of the available durian supply is now going to a new market, which is China. Sigh. Needless to say, the spiky fruit have been occupying our thoughts ever since June, which is the typical local durian season. So we decided we should go and try the Durian Loop along Rifle Range Road and try out luck even though the season is over.

I have to say this is not our first durian expedition. Long ago before we had Grace, we used to go hiking in the forests of Singapore (mostly Bukit Timah) to hunt for durians, but it is the first time we have been here.

We parked at Temasek Club. It was convenient and right at the entrance to the Kampong Trail. The parking fee was reasonable and you can use the clean toilet facilities before and after, which was a bonus.

We didn’t have high expectations to actually find any durians but it was a good day for a hike anyway. So away we go!

After a short while we came to the signposts.

The floor is lava!

After our experience in the durian farm, even Grace knew how to recognize durian trees!

So we did see plenty of durian trees in the aptly named Durian Loop. Unfortunately after 30 mins, we have to admit there were no durians to be found. A huge tipoff was the lack of “Durian uncles”, the uncles always know where to get the “good stuff”.

Although we didn’t get durians, we saw a bunch of other things.

Plenty of Starfruit


Is this a… a… toilet???

We also saw many types of fungus which Grace was very excited about.

Finally it was time to go. Better luck next time!