It’s been a long time since I had good, awesome prawn noodles. If you must know, I live in the west and everyone knows the west of Singapore is a foodie vacuum. There I said it. I know, sad right? It is so depressing that I don’t really want to talk about it anymore.

So back on the topic of awesome prawn noodles, we were actually on an endless quest of “Today eat where?” and Jonathan mentioned prawn noodles. We both salivate at the mere thought of the dish and the rest is history. We decided to visit some popular prawn noodle places that we have never been before and ended up going to not one, but TWO popular prawn noodle stores.

Min Nan Prawn Noodles

Believe it or not, it was our first time at Tiong Bahru Market! I know right? I’m not a true Singaporean and I feel so ashamed now. Anyway, we were hungry and went straight to search for Min Nan Prawn Noodles. Huh, no queue? We were ready to turn away but we decided to try it since we were already there.

It was actually pretty good! The prawn soup was really light and pure and filled with the umami seafood flavour, without the strong pork flavour. It wasn’t very intense but we enjoyed it. Most Singaporeans probably like stronger tasting food but we found the soup refreshing and tastier with every mouthful. We had the all prawn version with Bee hoon and the prawns are fresh and look so delicious with the head-on. The taste was close to the Hoe Nam Prawn Noodles which we reviewed before here.

Min Nan Pork Ribs Prawn Noodle:

Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre
30 Seng Poh Road, #02-31
Singapore 168898
Opening Hours:
Tue – Sun: 9.30am – 8.30pm (30 min break at 3pm)

Hock Prawn Noodles

Hock was a real treat simply because they are opened everyday for 24 hours! We hadn’t planned on having Prawn Noodles twice in a day but it was opened for 24 hours!!! Did I mention that already?

Living up to its signboard, it WAS opened when we traveled all the way to the Geylang for this Prawn noodles. We ordered our typical order whenever we have Prawn noodles, all Prawn with beehoon. On the get-go, you can tell the soup is much darker without the pink prawn oil floating on it. The flavour of the soup was intense, salty and strong. A very good bowl of soup and very contrasting to the soup we had earlier for those who prefer a stronger flavour. The prawns were fresh but they were halved and so a little tougher than whole prawns. The other downside to coming here at 4am is they ran out of the beansprouts and kangkong vegetables which I take for granted in a bowl of noodles. The thick beehoon however was the best in the whole dish and I would return again and again for the noodles alone. It is so rare to find the proper authentic thick beehoon used in original Prawn Noodles in Singapore now. I hope they keep using the noodles forever.

Hock Prawn Mee
Shing Boon Hwa Food Centre
43 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208804

Opening hours: Everyday, 24 hours (!)

I’m so glad to add two more prawn noodle stalls to my repertoire of delicious Prawn noodles. Mmmm.

Of course, don’t miss out my other post on a full review of Hoe Nam Prawn Noodles, which in my opinion is still the best, here!