It is always surprising how we discover things by chance. This time, it was at Westgate. We were hungry and tired from home renovation hunting and happened to end up at Westgate Shopping Mall (at Jurong East) for a while.

Although we passed by Oh My! Café nearly every time we were at Westgate, we have never eaten there so we decided to just give it a try.

We ordered a set meal and a vegetarian main course. The meal consists of a strawberry drink and I was immediately “wowed” by the drink and plating.

I decided to take some photos for fun because everything was so Instagram-worthy, and not because I wanted to write a review on it. If we thought the drink looked good, the “Korean Temple Food” was even more amazing.

Finally, we had the “Stadium Pizza” which is a Korean pancake stuffed with vegetables with a topping of a grilled beef patty.

The pizza was covered in a smoke-filled dome. It was a truly Oh My! moment when they revealed the pancake.

Finally, a sweet ending. It is super cute and petite and looks so deliciously pretty!!!

Very surprisingly, the food not just looks good, it tastes good as well. It is a feast for the eyes and for the palate as well. Remember I initially didn’t intend to write a review but after trying the food, I really think it was worth writing a review on it. At the very least, I will remember to go back with friends and family and eat there again.

I wish I have more photos to share, but that means we can go back and visit it again!

I highly recommend the Korean Temple food dish, and also getting one of the reasonably priced sets.

Oh My Café
Westgate #B1-01 3 Gateway Drive Singapore 608532