Although it sounds weird, Turtle soup is one of the least strange things I have ever put in my mouth but increasingly becoming as rare as the other exotic items I’d tried. Some things I would never ever try (e.g. any part of a monkey, dog or cat) but if it is a “traditional or cultural” food it is all fair game in my opinion.

Anyway, that aside, many would agree turtle soup is one of the most delicious things you can have in Singapore. My husband and I would bring Grace to have some whenever we can afford it. That’s the thing, it is also really expensive. Turtles are getting rarer due to habitat loss and high demand for their meat and eggs, hence I don’t think they will be as readily available any more.

Since they are so expensive, they should be treated with respect! I have had some soup which were so terrible (mostly in Malaysia) and the meat was tough and chewy it was a complete waste of the animal. Thankfully in Singapore, we do it properly.

Recently we visited this restaurant that was famous for their turtle soup and I would highly recommend it!

Tan Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant

29 Lorong Bachok, Singapore 387791

Opening Hours: 11am – 7:30pm (Closed in Thursday’s)

First of all, I apologise because I forgot how much I ordered, I think it was the medium bowl? Anyway it was expensive but every drop was in our bellies in the end so it was still worth it. I dont reccommend having it every day though.

As you can see, the ingredients were plentiful. The soup was slightly viscous because all the collagen from the turtle skin had melted in. The herbs absolutely complements the flavour and even takes away some of the fishiness you can get with turtles.

My favorite parts are the flippers, which is very Q. “Q” kinda describes the chewing bouncy texture, like a savoury gummy.

The meat itself can be rather tough if cooked for too long but over here it is quite ok because it was in small chunks.

Overall, I love this place and would be back for more turtle soup if we are in the area.

There’s also another place I like to go for turtle soup, with aircon and the occasional turtle eggs, and that’s at Macpherson.

Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant

Address: 39 Tai Thong Crescent, Singapore 347863

Either way, have some now before it is gone forever!

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