It is funny how some things just drop through the cracks because it has become so commonplace. We have been coming to Woodlands Terrace nearly every year for about 5 years and I have never thought about blogging it until a friend asked about it.

Woodlands Terrace might not be new to many though, I’m certainly not one of the first to discover this hotspot for a spot of pre-Chinese New Year shopping for frozen seafood, food, snacks and goodies. Usually it is just a row of food factories churning out packaged food for shopping malls but for a couple of weeks each year before Chinese New Year, it transforms into a bustling shopping street with even busloads of people from all over Singapore dropping excited aunties and uncles with deep pockets and a hunger for bak kwa.

It is always wise to set off early as it gets hot and sunny usually at this time of year. We parked at Chang Cheng food court for free and had a delicious breakfast at 9am.

Address: 27 Woodlands Link, Singapore 738732

From here, it is a very short walk to Woodlands Terrace, or if you are up to it, you can rent a bike and cycle! Those oBikes, mobikes and Ofo bikes are just EVERYWHERE!

Now you can start your shopping! We bought beef shabu shabu at the first factory which was rather cheap:

The next factory sells all kinds of frozen seafood and, according to them, the cheapest frozen cod in town. You’ll have to take their word for it.

Next in line is the every popular Fragrance Bak Kwa and snacks. This is processed food central! However I found that things are not cheaper here than other Fragrance outlets, I guess people come here just because it is on the way.

There were a couple more factories opening their gates selling sausages, all kinds of frozen meats and seafood, snacks, traditional cookies but I didn’t have a lot of time so I went straight to my favourite: Fassler.

Fassler should be no surprise to seasoned visitors. This is always the highlight for some reason and they do know how to put on a show! On previous years, I always see the ang moh owner (I assume his name is Fassler LOL), I didn’t see him this time but I spotted a Cai Shen Ye which is probably him in disguise. Just kidding. It is obviously a chinese guy.

Fassler is a favourite because they make a pretty good smoked salmon and all kinds of frozen fresh salmon for grilling and sashimi at factory rates. Very good for Yu Sheng! However I think why so many people choose to come here isn’t really for their seafood but to brave THE FREEZER.

You might wonder why they hung winter jackets out in hot sunny Singapore when you enter the place. The reason is this:

Brave the freezer (-7.5 degree celcius) and you will find all manner of deeply preserved seafood… and plenty of shivering people. You might even run out crying! It is not recommended to become part of their frozen seafood collection!

I lasted the whole of 5 minutes before I threw in the towel and scrambled for the big metal door. I didn’t even take any nice pictures! Back to shopping outside in relative comfort.

Over the years, to take full advantage of marketing, Fassler started selling other seafood like lobsters, scallops and prawns, western soups and chinese traditional favourites as well. This year I splurged and got this beauty:

Yup, it is a King Crab.

I’m not ashamed to say the crab totally blew my entire budget and so we ended our shopping with just the crustacean, frozen salmon slices and beef shabu-shabu (which I bought earlier remember?).

Until next year!