I have been planning this for over a year! What am I talking about? Singles Day 11.11 and Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales of course. There is no better time than to spend a couple of thousand dollars, except it might easily be a couple of tens of thousands of dollars as well. Well, cos you may know by now, I have a new house that is very empty and yearning to be filled with furniture, lighting, clothes, decorations, food, various useless Knick-knacks and even the kitchen sink.

So there are sooooo many online shopping sites to choose from. What are our favourites for shopping furniture, clothes and other items? This is listed in alphabetical order, not in order of preference. There’s no preference when it comes to online shopping, I go where the deals are!

Just a gentle reminder, all reviews and opinions are my own and you might have different experiences. Also, I am not getting paid or given any incentives to review any of these websites.

First of all, here’s a shot of my storeroom filled with most of the purchases I got online.


Website: ezbuy.sg

EzBuy is a buy for me and delivery service for Taobao or Alibaba stores and other international marketplaces that are quite inaccessible to Singaporeans because they don’t ship here. Shipping rates are very cheap on Ezbuy and even cheaper if you are on their Prime membership plan.

We have a love-hate relationship with EzBuy. What we love are the variety and unique items you can get from their directory, and most of them are also very affordable even after the reasonable shipping rates provided by ezbuy. The quality is a hit and miss, so make sure you check out the photos and read the reviews. The you-get-what-you-pay-for rule applies here too!

What we really hate is the service. In November, they get inundated with orders so much so that items go out of stock very quickly and without notice. We also have had a couple of missing parcels. Delivery times are super duper slow and the estimated arrival date is not trustworthy. To top it off, the customer support is primitive and sloooow, they will get back to you… eventually.

We mainly use ezbuy for furniture like a wonderful convertible children bunk bed and a lift-top coffee table.

The bed came with no instructions and it was a massive jigsaw puzzle. In fact, most furniture do not come with directions so it will test your IKEA-ology to the max.


Website: iherb.com

This famous and popular USA shopping site is my go-to place for healthy organic snacks, high quality supplements, mineral makeup, natural toothpastes (I only use Desert Essence) and, more importantly for the house, Method cleaning products.

iHerb is also fantastic because they offer very affordable shipping rates to Singapore at around $5. Love it!

In fact, if you want to see a selection of products I always order and reorder, check out my cart here.

Shameless plug: If you ever buy anything from iHerb, please use my referral discount code and you will get the maximum discount available: MFC073

Ok, this is the only time I am going to post a shameless plug.


Website: Qoo10.sg

As one of the earliest online shopping platforms in Singapore, this shouldn’t be a stranger to many people. The structure is still very confusing and gimmicky at times but it has the best coupons. There are shop coupons and then cart coupons, stamps, spin and win, lucky draws etc, that, when you know how to use it wisely, you can get 30% off the already discounted product.

My favourite buys on Qoo10 are appliances like this dishwasher and this tv!


Website: Shopee.sg

No home is complete without all the little things. I am on Shopee every day, yes, you read it right! Why? Shopee has the BEST flash deals.

I have bought all sort of things on Shopee over the past two years, like clothing, makeup, snacks, plants, toys, gadgets and accessories, stationery, even daily necessities like tissue and toilet paper, and my purchases do not usually go over $10 each time. So I highly recommend Shopee for small things that make a home great!

That’s it for all the online shopping websites that I personally frequent and can honestly review. I know there are tons more like Zalora (for fashion), Lazada, Redmart and Honestbee for groceries but I don’t have too much experience with those.

Leave a comment below if you want to recommend a particularly good shopping platform!