I once heard from TV that birthday celebrations of young children are really for the mothers to feel accomplished (LOL). So true.

Grace isn’t 2 anymore though. Time really flies and she is now a towering 130cm and growing up looking like a bamboo, and just as fast too. She also is starting to develop her own character and personality, which I’m glad I’m a big part of. For example, we both like Gudetama (the lazy ugly yellow lump thing) and when we stumbled upon a Gudetama Cafe at Suntec City back in March, and we agreed in unison that we should celebrate one of our birthdays here… much to the apprehension of her father.

We were very excited as we decided to come earlier than expected. My dad was in town and together with my brother and mom, everyone was around to celebrate Grace’s upcoming 9th birthday.

So, how was the food and overall experience?

Gudetama Cafe Review

First of all, I think I caught to Gudetama cafe at a wrong time. We stood in queue and waited a really really really long time. Even the ones who made an appointment also needed to wait around 15 minutes. There were many empty tables that were not cleared, and it was obvious that they were seriously understaffed. This phenomenon isn’t rare in Singapore and recently we are experiencing more and more of such issues.

The wait was long enough to make me seriously regret bringing 5 other people to celebrate a little person’s birthday. But because it was for Grace, we waited it out for her and made the most of it by taking some photos.

Finally, we get to sit down!

Here are all the food we ordered, which is quite a lot due to the long wait.

Eggs Benedict – “I’m Cold” Smoked Salmon


Other than the smudged eye, it looked and tasted great! As far as eggs benedict go, the flavor isn’t bad and the presentation is great. The food is also fresh, which I didn’t expect. I only expected it to be cute. LOL. By the way, the “face” tasted like it is made of some kind of truffle sauce. Nice!

Gudetama Lobster Onsen


Out of the many items we ordered, I do find this rather good. The soup is nice and umami and rich with lobster flavor and the bread bowl is soft and delicious.

Pizza – “Sun Tanning”


It looks traumatizing isn’t it? Instead of enjoying a sun tan, Gudetama looked like a tormented soul. Looks aside, it tasted fresh and good, like a pizza should.

Dessert: Ramen Bowl


This one blew my mind. If you are going to order just one item, make sure you order this. My favourite is the soy bean tofu side dish.



Finally we had one drink. It was quite bland, the chocolate and coffee flavor was not very strong or fragrant.

Overall, we had a good time, although Grace obviously had the best time. The food, although good, is quite expensive and frankly, overpriced. However, that is to be expected for Gudetama cuteness overload. With the terrible waiting times and slow service, I think once in a long, long while is enough for this restaurant.