This post comes out of frustration of dealing with potential clients that insistently want to MEET you or HEAR you before coming to a decision on their project.

These are actual comments from potential clients (which I personally think are “Clients From Hell” worthy content):
“I’m not a fan of Social media and so it frustrates me.”
“I can’t type fast enough. / I don’t like typing so much.”
“Speaking on the phone will be much faster, it’ll only take 5 mins.” (It never does.)
“I like telephones.” (I like them too, telephones were invented in 1876.)
“Can you come down to my office and show me your website.” (I assume it is because they don’t have internet access.)

Bear in mind that all my clients are people who are running their businesses (small or large) and what I don’t understand is why some of them think that turning on their computer or mobile devices, sending email or online chatting is too complicated for them than, say, running a business perhaps? (/me incredulous look)

It is not that I despise tech-challenged people. I’m always very happy and willing to coach anyone on using setting up emails, creating an social media account, downloading files etc. totally FREE OF CHARGE. However, some people would rather just revel in their frustration towards all-things-interwebz and refuse to come to terms with their condition and blame it on other people for their failure to understand technology.

Personally, in my early days of running my business, I’ve met clients face-to-face on more than a few occasions and the NET benefit is an absolute waste of time. I can honestly say I have not gotten a single project by meeting them. On the contrary, clients who accept my carefully composed proposals over email or online chat are more likely to accept the agreement and proceed with the project immediately.

So you can easily see why I chose to maintain an online-only relationship with my clients. Aside from work, I’m happy to meet them for lunch or dinner and get to know them as friends.

Did you know? The benefits of working online to YOU are:

  • Lower costs: I save on transportation costs and phone bills as email is free. And these savings go to your project!
  • Wider reach: You can select from experts from anywhere in the world and not limited to just your locality.
  • Black-and-White: By chatting or email exchange, you have a proper record of your conversations which can further be used when clarification is needed.
  • Eliminate social judgements: As much as you judge people by their looks, people DO judge their future clients at first appearances too.

If you found the above interesting, I found this interesting for you!