When looking for the PERFECT case for my IPad mini, I had realized that most covers were flawed: Some were too thick, some too heavy, some too boring and some simply have unreliable sellers.

So I settled with the humble Clear TPU case that is cheap (around $7) and provides an all-rounded protection. It is also sleek and light and does not add bulk… Which is what I love about my new iPad mini. It could be improved in the boring department though, so why not make use of what we already have and make a customized cover you would love? Make it for yourself or for a friend. In addition, this design is completely customizable and changeable anytime.


DIY (super cute) iPad mini case

Materials you’ll need:
1 TPU case
Printed designs of anything that you love. I chose the adorable Choo Choo Cat (don’t sue me!
Lace – optional but I think it adds classiness and makes it look really expensive!
A pair of scissors
A bottle of clear nail polish
A teeny bit of double-sided tape



Step 1: Print and cut out your favorite cartoon. If you go for stickers instead, make sure that they are flat. Then mock a layout on your iPad and arrange it until you are happy with the design. *The lace here is only $2 from Daiso.


Step 2: On each art or sticker, stick a tiny piece of double-sided tape on the right (graphic) side and stick it right-side-down on to your TPU case. The tape is to secure it so that it does not slide about in the case when it is all done. I didn’t want to damage the iPad mini itself. Leave a couple of roses out! *The TPU case generally costs only $7 from online stores.


Step 3: When everything is in place, wrap the cover it over your iPad. Then use double-sided tape to stick the remaining rose or roses down. Finally give it a coat or two of clear nail polish to waterproof it and make it more durable. Why? I like it because it adds depth and looks classier too.


When it is dry, you can start showing off your creation to all your friends! Very easy right? The best thing is, you can keep changing the design as and when you like as well!