It’s election season again! Who knew that, in Bukit Batok, we would have a by-election in a matter of months. Let’s not dwell too much on why we are entering into yet another round of voting for the prestigious post of a SMC MP of Bukit Batok because PM Lee said we all should keep quiet about it, and when PM Lee says something, we Sinkies obey.

I have to admit that it is at times like this when my patriotic spirit becomes alive and hope rises in my heart. I do savour each and every political debate and, believe me, even if you are a PAP supporter, rest assured that I will also listen to your views. Some of you who know me might think it is strange for me to do so, considering my background and affiliations. However I stand by my views and opinions and I believe that voting is actually doing God’s work. Besides, it is compulsory to vote in Singapore so why not get more involved? So, without becoming too political as this is not a political blog, I just want to list out my observations of Bukit Batok voters in my simple terms.

Bear in mind, not everyone is as willing to speak up as we do and even debate about what their political views are. Not even my own neighbors. So these observations should not be taken as scientific or non-bias. (Who reads this blog anyway?!)

The Loyal Elderly – PAP Grassroots Volunteers

It is funny because we see them around all the time even if we don’t see the MP other than election season. They have been serving the MP for decades and don’t intend to stop. And the loyalty they possess is even greater than their pride. I hear of an auntie volunteer being scolded a few times but she is still supporting PAP for some reason. She is contemplating to quit but still can’t bear to do it. Don’t underestimate the power of loyalty!

The Uninformed – The Majority

I don’t want to sound harsh but because everyone is forced to vote, you definitely get a bunch of citizens who just don’t know, don’t care and don’t bother finding out. These are not stupid people, they are just clueless. These people make their decision from what they hear from others and also from the mainstream media. I hear a lot of people complain and find it a hassle to go voting again instead of seeing it as a national duty.

The Unhappy Sandwich Class

People in this sandwich class vote with their money. They are most unhappy about the uncontrolled rise in the cost of living, high rental costs and more expensive HDB flats. They are unhappy about longer work hours for lesser returns, the failed economic structure and, even, the lack in media and speech freedom. These people vote for the future and do not just taking into account what has happened in the past. They are unhappy because they don’t see a future and something they can build on for themselves and their family and children.

It sounds pessimistic but there is, and always will be, unhappy Singaporeans as the country progresses.

The Happy Middle Class

Many young families living in Bukit Batok are here because their parents live here and these are so rooted to the community they don’t wish to move. And the flats here are generally cheaper and a great option if they are working at Tuas or in the west as it is near to the shopping district of Jurong East.

These are contented and happy people because they attribute what success they have now to Singapore, their multiple children, their stable jobs (generally civil servants), and their education. They are grateful for the past.

The Somewhat Rich

There are very few of these kind of people here. Most are poor to almost-can-make-it, but the ones who are truly rich would not stay here. They would have moved to Orchard Road or Bukit Timah. Perhaps some made it rich while staying here and are too lazy to move? All I know is, most rich people have already sold their properties here in the recent property boom and moved to greener pastures. Since these are the minority, there is little chance that they will swing votes or even make a difference.

All in all, needless to say that there is very little chance for SDP (the party I support) to win Bukit Batok and finally get in parliament save for a miracle and maybe divine intervention. That means, I’m already preparing myself for a huge disappointment when the Saturday night comes. At least this time I’m prepared.